Home Sweet Home

It’s hard to believe that we are all back in our respective homes (and that all of our luggage is finally reunited with us as well!)…

The last couple of days in Haiti were a whirlwind of last minute tasks, organization for next trip, goodbyes and discussions. Jasmine gave the presentation to the university on the way to the airport on Monday, and it was an incredibly difficult 2 hours, as the students tried to grill the ‘blanc docteur’ to see if she would make a mistake.

Once at the airport we discovered that our flight from PaP to Montreal had been changed yet again. In fact, it was delayed so long that we wouldn’t even be in the air, at the time that we should have been boarding our flight from Montreal to Toronto. Needless to say, that meant that all of the rest of our flights were changed, and inevitably wound up delayed too.

We got in to Montreal so late that we had only 2 hours to sleep at the hotel that they put us up in before we had to head back to the airport to catch the early flight to Toronto. Of course since the flights had been rebooked, we ended up having to route through Calgary again, rather than flying straight from Toronto to Saskatoon. We made it back to Stoon at about 2pm, only to find that Jasmine’s bag had not made it on to the plane in Montreal. However the reunion with everyone was happy and excited.

Now we have much to contemplate, plans to make, improvements to consider and presentations to give. Stay tuned as we organize our schedule in order to give some talks and discussions on what we saw, and what we hope to do in the future!

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