Sometime in the Middle of the Night

Well here we go again…

So Tyra, Rick and Jasmine finally managed to stay still long enough for Amanda to find them (we know where the brains are in this operation… definitely not our intrepid trio who managed to confuse a police officer while wandering around looking!)… only to discover that we needed to be over in the terminal that Amanda was in originally!
So after loading and unloading the carts several times and taking a bus to where we were supposed to be… we thought we would get a jump on the competition and print off our boarding passes before the big 4am rush (eyeroll…). Of course the machine did not like Jasmine’s face (it’s not enough to get patted down and searched constantly by live people!) so that was even more of an adventure…

Then after trying to have a little fun and getting yelled at by grumpy guy #3 we’ve decided to stay put for awhile and try to unwind… it’s been a LONG week.


People are constantly astounded by the amount of luggage that we have (4 Rubbermaid bins of medical supplies plus personal gear plus a suitcase of electronics from a church for St. Joseph’s Home for Boys)… we are a little astounded too… Of course it all gets Rick talking, so good to have an extrovert around!

People are odd… we are doing a fair amount of people watching… I suppose we are too… at least we keep getting odd looks from all the people who walk by. Maybe they aren’t used to people laughing and enjoying each other’s company? The only people who seem to be happy are the employees from Subway (but who wouldn’t be happy smelling fresh bread and yeast all day/night long??)
Anyway it is now 2am and apparently we are getting an even greater jump on the competition by filling out our immigration cards too… lol
So talk to everyone soon!
lots of love

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