Veterinarians Abroad Supporting & Teaching (V.A.S.T.)

About Us

Following the magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, a group of caring individuals were struck by the devastation and continued decline in human and animal health. We formed V.A.S.T., a humanitarian veterinary charitable organization based out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada.  Our long-term vision is to set up supportive, educational clinics in rural areas of disaster-struck developing countries that rarely see veterinary or animal husbandry services. These clinics teach local animal husbandry workers how to recognise key diseases early, implement prevention strategies, and treat ongoing cases.

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The VAST educational clinics are offered to communities that do not often see veterinary or animal husbandry services. We provide training to the local animal health representatives in food animal care, disease prevention and treatment, and biosecurity. The goal is to teach people how to recognise key diseases in livestock before they become fatal, as well as to give locals the opportunity to have their animals’ health checked, vaccinated and dewormed. A secondary goal is to take much needed veterinary medicines and supplies to the population.

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How You Can Help

VAST is 100% volunteer run. We have few administrative costs, and more than 90% of monies raised are spent within the country of destination. Fundraising occurs year round, in several locations in Western Canada. We would love to see you at one! We are in the midst of organizing a variety special events, and currently accept both monetary and silent auction donations. Money raised is used in the target communities. Each year we need to raise a minimum of $15,000 per trip to pay for interpreters and guides, within country travel expenses, buy medications and supplies, and secure space for on-site clinics. 

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