About Us


How it Started

Following the magnitude 7 earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, a group of caring individuals were struck by the devastation and continued decline in human and animal health. We formed V.A.S.T., a humanitarian veterinary charitable organization based out of Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

What We Stand For

​It is essential that all members of the community feel empowered and involved in rebuilding their agricultural sector. We are committed to building communities of resilient, informed, connected and uplifted people through the animals that provide the foundation of their security.

Meet the Team

Our team has a variety of backgrounds, and includes veterinarians, animal husbandry technicians, agricultural specialists, accountants, an economic advisor, lawyer, mechanic, photographer, social worker and a nurse.

Nicknamed the "energized Tigger", La Doctora is generally difficult to pin down. Fairly vibrating with all of the 'to-do lists' running through her head, Jasmine can be found attempting to balance coordinating V.A.S.T. and half a dozen other projects, with running National-level disease surveillance programming and development of zoonotic disease prevention protocols.

I grew up on a grain farm and have loved agriculture, and developing environmental connections ever since.  I enjoy being outside, sports and being active, laughing and living life, and volunteering. I am so happy to be a part of V.A.S.T.!!! With V.A.S.T I have the opportunity to share knowledge about veterinary medicine and agriculture, assist in developing local capacity, and learn regional understanding of the Earth from people in developing countries worldwide.


More of our team coming soon...

I am a passionate problem solver and try to use the skills and experiences I’ve gained through my life’s journey to help others. With a Master’s degree in swine medicine, and having worked with the Western Canadian swine industry for more years than I’d like to admit, I’m currently based in Airdrie, Alberta working at honing my skills in veterinary epidemiology, acting, avoiding bears, and writing.