Last Minute

It is hard to believe that today is finally here… after 2 years of planning the flight leaves in just over 5 hours.

So many last minute things to get ready before heading out…

See our story at – it will be published tomorrow.


We are all in good spirits and finally starting to get excited despite Jasmine forgetting to save the seminars she has to present in the proper format… so much for working on them during the flights! Must have been the universe’s way of saying ‘slow down and get some sleep’. Luckily the flight between Calgary and Toronto was not full, so though it was a small plane, she and Rayna got to curl up/stretch out a bit by switching seats. Definite benefits to being shorter!

Jasmine updating the blog in Toronto

Michelle and Rick spent part of the flight poring over a primer on Haitian kreyol. Hopefully this means that Michelle can now say ‘No I don’t want to marry you. I would like a coffee please.’ It’s a good thing that we will have Phillip with us most of the time as an interpreter. J

Take care of yourselves, and we will write again soon…

Love to all.


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