Loving the Roosters!

Roosters are great… when you are already awake. Of course the roosters in Haiti are very happy animals. They crow in the evening, they crow in the daytime, they crow because it has stopped raining, they crow because the power has come on… they alert us to all kinds of things! Right now they are happily alerting the world to the fact that they are alive. We should all have that attitude. 🙂
The dogs in the neighbourhood too are making themselves known… too bad Jasmine doesn’t have time to work on her PhD project! CIMG3026
So we have great news from the government… they approve our program so highly, that they would like to make us a partner with their official livestock promotion programme!! It’s always nice to have efforts recognised, even if they don’t come with financial assistance. At least this way we won’t get shut down. 🙂
Today is an organisational day… we will be buying meds for the trip and touching base with a number of contacts. Hopefully we have the opportunity to see a little of the city as well.
Yesterday was an arrival and introduction to society day. Surprisingly during the trip Jasmine was only stopped and searched once… Tyra was stopped and searched once… and then on arrival Jasmine got to explain what we were doing here. All in all very uneventful – THANKFULLY! Keep praying! 🙂

Can YOU find the baby? (hint... remember we are vets)

Can YOU find the baby? (hint… remember we are vets)

Stops to pick up various household items, a small argument at the grocery store, a disagreement over whether the new American bills are real or fake… and a goat curry for dinner rounded out the day. Almost like a regular day. 😉CIMG3021
Anyway… we should post before we lose power again – the electricity was off for a few days and finally came back on in the middle of the night so who knows when it will go off again. Lol… at least there is water and a generator for things like the fridge and fans.
We are all excited about the things to come! Hopefully we will get some pictures posted when the internet is a little less wonky.
Lots of love!!