And We Are Off… Hopefully?

So today started early… not having completed our ritual daily packing/unpacking of the bins, Gin could hardly sleep. Add to that the uncertainty of a ride, and what time the transport would actually arrive, and the anticipation was too much. So while Tonic ran stairs (creating antipathy with our previously “socialized” neighbour), Gin attempted to create a tetris-like packing of the bins to accommodate the extra supplies that were purchased…. unfortunately she had already accomplished this and there was no additional room to stick anything else. So instead the famous “buckets” became a source of focus… and these tentative diamonds in the rough/wannabe bins were put to use as inanimate sherpas (sans donkey).

Sangita arrived at 8:30am, after an exhaustive night of translating all of the necessary workshop and community documents into Nepalese (unfortunately this is one language we cannot help with). Since we received a phone call indicating Sudarshan was stubbornly sticking to his 11:30am arrival, she was encouraged to take a nap. However she is having trouble sleeping due to our intermittent giggling. If Pierre-Richard and Phillip were here, we would definitely be told to stop showing our teeth.

So we will pick this up when we return!


G&T xoxox

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