Laundry Day

Today was a lazy day as we did laundry, and prepared and packed for our big trek early tomorrow morning. Our route will take us to Dabon by taptap, where we climb on board some motorcycle taxis for two kilometres, before hiking ~12km up beside the river (with two river crossings) and end up in a tiny village to spend the night. Wednesday morning we will be running a clinic just outside of town, and then Thursday we hike up the mountain to Beausejour to run a clinic there. Depending on whether there has been anything else organised, the weather and various other considerations, we then either return on Friday or Saturday. The village we are staying in has no running water, and no electricity, which makes our current accommodations here in Carrefour seem absolutely luxurious as we have both, patchy though they may be.

Trying to ensure that we had everything for clinical and personal needs, and were able to carry the packs, and not unbalance the motorcycle was somewhat of a challenge. We’ll see how we fare!

In the meantime we hope that you all have a wonderful week, and we will update you once we are back.

Take care of yourselves!


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